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Though we are emerging from a weakened economy, the need for property owners to engage in the eviction process exists.  At Taroff & Taitz, LLP, we represent individuals, business entities, mortgage lenders and mortgage service providers throughout all types and stages of eviction proceedings. We utilize both local courts and Supreme Courts for proceedings based upon nonpayment of rent, possessory holdovers or writs of assistance.

Eviction varies by city, town, and county… It is critically important that the attorney representing you understands the procedures relevant to your location, what the jurisdiction is, and is able to explain the process to you so you can understand what is going to occur.  The law is continuously changing, and you can rest assured that our staff is up-to-date on the varying layers of law by jurisdiction.  The eviction process can be a long one, but we work to make it a quick as possible, with the least amount of stress on our clients.

Let us help you in reclaiming your property.



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