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Nursing home costs in Long Island, according to The New York State Department of Financial Services tracks the costs of long-term care.  According to DFS, a nursing home in Long Island averages $142,350/year!

Nursing home care costs vary in upstate New York from $264 per day in Central New York to $308 per day in the Rochester area, which is approximately $96,360 per year in Central New York to $112,420 per year in the Rochester area.

Downstate, nursing home costs vary from $340 per day in the Northern Metropolitan area to $390 per day in Long Island, which is approximately $124,100 per year in the Northern Metropolitan area to $142,350 per year in Long Island. It is estimated that persons in nursing homes stay for less than 2½ years on average.

Most people in nursing homes eventually qualify for assistance from the Government Medicaid program to help pay for the care they need. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid will cover a long-term stay in a nursing home. But Medicaid requires that a person only have limited income and assets before it will start to pay for care.

Elder Law Attorneys, Taroff Taitz, LLP . can help you plan for these expenses, helping to arrange your portfolio in a way that may make you eligible for Medicaid however, because of the 5 year “Look Back” period it takes careful long-term planning.

You must start planning early for eldercare for you, or your loved ones.  We’d love to help.

Call Taroff Taitz today for legal help preparing for your New ork eldercare legal needs.


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