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Is a Will enough?  Is there more that should be considered?

Yes! A will contemplates what happens with your estate when you pass.   What if before you pass, there are medical issues, and you are unable to make decisions.  Would you trust your loved ones, or a trusted professional of your choosing, or the state, to make decisions on your behalf?

A medical power of attorney or advance directive is something everyone of any age ought to have. An Advanced Directive is a document that makes your wishes known and a medical power of attorney permits anyone to carry out those wishes.”

For instance, in the case of medical matters, an advance directive, or living will, describes what kind of treatment you want (or do not want) at the end of your life. 

At the same time – what happens to your finances if you are incapable of managing your affairs?   A financial power of attorney grants a legal authorization to anyone to handle your financial affairs when you are incapacitated. While these are readily available as cookie cutter document templates, and in software, the experience of an attorney can often make the difference in making sure that your needs are paramount, and your estate, as well as control over end-of-life decisions, are protected and left in your hands.

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