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When Do I Need a Will?

You need a will if you have earned (or are earning) a reasonable living, or have acquired other assets and you have a spouse, children or even relatives out of whom you must name a guardian. A will ensures that you have distributed your wealth or earnings according to your desires amongst your family members or organizations.   If you don’t have a will, the dispensation of your assets, your estate, will be governed by the State of New York, and may not have the best interests of your heirs, or taxes, or charitable organizations you would like to support.  The only way to protect what you have earned, in the event of your demise, is with a well thought out Will.  

They say that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, but the next best time is today.   Your will should be a continuously evolving document, starting when you are younger, and adapting as your family, business, and income evolve.


Give us a call today.  We’ll help review your will to make sure that it is still relevant to your situation in life, or, will help you craft your will for the first time.

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