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NY Bankruptcy AttorneyNo creditor enjoys receiving a notice that a vendor, customer, or borrower has filed for Bankruptcy protection. Not to suggest that there is always a remedy, but you should assess your situation before you just write off any debt that may be due to you. Keeping in mind that any deadlines that are posted in any notice you receive are set in stone, you may want to consult with your attorney to see if there are any remedies which may alleviate or mitigate a bad situation.

It may be possible to reclaim goods that have been sold to a Bankrupt, if done so in a timely manner or it may be possible to get a determination that a debt should not be discharged if it was obtained by fraud or was obtained willfully and maliciously.

If you have a situation which you believe deserves consideration, please feel free to contact Steve Taitz to discuss potential options.

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